Hi! My name's Will. I'm equal parts: technologist, bookworm, polyglot, cyclist, optimist, traveler.

Broadly, my story is as follows:

  • [2005-2010] I was a semi-professional internet poker player. From age 15-20, I methodically built $50 into $150,000 through hard work and the help of terrific peers. In addition, I coached players from around the world via Skype.
  • [2007-2011] I studied industrial engineering and mathematics at Penn State University as a member of the Schreyer Honors College.
  • [2012-2014] I completed a 26.5-month solo backpacking and cycling trip around the world, visiting over 40 countries on 5 continents. As highlights, I: traveled overland from Sweden to Côte D’Ivoire; taught university Spanish and middle school Physics (in French) in Guinea-Conakry; rode a bicycle 7,600 kilometers from Turkey to Kyrgyzstan through the Caucasus and Central Asian “Stans."
  • [2014-2016] I worked at LiveAuctioneers and ShopKeep in data science roles.
  • [2016-2017] I quit my job and moved to Casablanca, Morocco to pursue an Open-Source "Master's" in machine learning and statistics—a full-time, self-curated schedule of textbooks, MOOCs, publishing code to my GitHub and writing to this blog.
  • [2017-2021] I joined ASAPP as a machine learning engineer, then researcher, then machine learning engineer. My work spanned pure NLP research, applied NLP research, engineering and product.
  • [2021-2022] I left ASAPP. I'm taking some time to explore.
  • [2022-2023] I joined Block Science as a Visiting Research Engineer working on the design, simulation, and analysis of cryptoeconomic systems. In addition, I joined Cred Protocol as a Staff Machine Learning Engineer, building credit scoring models for DeFi.
  • [2023-Present] I work as a Senior Simulation Engineer at Gauntlet, building DeFi risk management tools and products with the best in the game.

Presently, I spend my time on:

  • Crypto Intersections of machine learning, complex systems, and crypto.

  • Language I love learning and speaking foreign languages. I'm a longtime speaker of Spanish and French. At present, I'm voraciously learning Russian.

  • Reading I read a lot of books. Here's a few from recent years.

To get in touch, please see the contact links below.


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