Hi! My name's Will. I'm equal parts: technologist, bookworm, polyglot, cyclist, optimist, traveler.

Broadly, my story is as follows:

  • [2005-2010] I was a semi-professional internet poker player. From age 15-20, I methodically built $50 into $150,000 through hard work and the help of terrific peers. In addition, I coached players from around the world via Skype.
  • [2007-2011] I studied industrial engineering and mathematics at Penn State University as a member of the Schreyer Honors College.
  • [2012-2014] I completed a 26.5-month solo backpacking and cycling trip around the world, visiting over 40 countries on 5 continents. As highlights, I: traveled overland from Sweden to Côte D’Ivoire; taught university Spanish and middle school Physics (in French) in Guinea-Conakry; rode a bicycle 7,600 kilometers from Turkey to Kyrgyzstan through the Caucasus and Central Asian “Stans."
  • [2014-2016] After teaching myself topics in machine learning and software engineering, I worked at LiveAuctioneers and ShopKeep in data science roles.
  • [2016-2017] I quit my job and moved to Casablanca, Morocco to pursue an Open-Source "Master's" in machine learning and statistics—a full-time, self-curated schedule of textbooks, MOOCs, publishing code to my GitHub and writing to this blog.
  • [2017-present] I joined ASAPP as a machine learning engineer, now researcher.

Presently, I spend my time on:

  • Research I currently work for ASAPP as a machine learning researcher. Broadly, I focus on problems in natural language processing.

  • Language I love learning and speaking foreign languages. I'm a longtime speaker of Spanish and French. At present, I'm voraciously learning Russian.

  • Writing Lately, I'm writing about intersections of artificial intelligence and geopolitics. Specifically, I'm exploring the impact that the former—the subject of my expertise—will have on trade, policy, power, cooperation, defense, etc.

  • Reading I read a lot of books. Here's a few from recent years.

Moving forward, I aim to be:

  • In one year A better researcher and Russian speaker.

  • In ten years An advisor, leader and cross-functional decision maker: advising governments, informing policy, mentoring others, and building something special.

To get in touch, please see the contact links below.


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