The Open-Source "Master's" has come to a close. I'm now joining ASAPP as a Machine Learning Engineer.

ASAPP builds artificial-intelligence tools for enterprise. My work involves building backend infrastructure for machine-learning products — with a focus on NLP. We're rather stealth, so that's all I can say for now.

Of course, we are hiring — for Research Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, Software Engineer, Automation Engineer, DevOps, iOS/Android Engineer, Security Engineer and Product Designer roles. If you'd like to work with a truly fantastic team, feel free to get in touch. We're on the 83rd floor of the World Trade Center as well — with a view.

view from world trade center

In this next chapter of life, my primary professional and personal focuses will be:

  1. Keep studying. Bayesian probabilistic models and deep-learning-for-NLP, mostly.
  2. Public speaking. I'd like to continue speaking about machine learning and software engineering at conferences and Meetups — in the United States and abroad. (Con el segundo, me refiero principalmente a América Latina; contácteme si quiere colaborar!)
  3. Weight lifting. I want to get some muscles. I feel like a stronger core, back and upper body will help with programmer-neck-aches as well.

My time in Morocco was extremely productive and rewarding. Now back in NYC, I'm beyond excited to stay put, and keep working. If you live here as well — and enjoy mathematics, data, language, cycling or food — let's try our best to meet.