Machine learning and artificial intelligence have long been passions; to date, I've spent many years—my entire professional career included—developing relevant expertise. This has been the historical focus of this blog.

Recently, I've been reading heavily in other areas as well: history, political theory, strategy, economics and geography; geopolitics, in sum.

The geopolitics of yesterday—the subject of my reading—has its experts and central themes: collective security, nuclear armament, and oil, to name a few. Conversely, the geopolitics of tomorrow will take form from entirely new ideas; chief among them: artificial intelligence.

As such, I plan to merge the two: to suffuse, through writing, my exploration of the former with my expertise in the latter. Specifically, I'll connect deep, technical knowledge of AI algorithms, as well as the likely implications of their widespread use, to the risks—and opportunities—that AI will bring to the geopolitics of tomorrow.

My writing will be objective, i.e. devoid of overt political bias. My intended audience is non-technical, i.e. geopolitics-first. Your comments—especially with respect to my evolving understanding of geopolitics itself—are encouraged as always.