After 4+ years at ASAPP and a year in crypto, I'm starting to look for "what's next."


  • Organization: An ML, simulation, or research "native" company—with really smart people!
  • Role: Applied Research Engineer/Scientist.
  • Level: Manager/Lead, or an IC on a "fast-track" to the former.
  • Industry: I'm flexible! Crypto, defense, manufacturing, bio, design, devtools, enterprise, etc.
  • Size: ~10-150.
  • Location: Hybrid/NYC.


Will Wolf has worked at the intersection of machine learning research, engineering, and product for the past 9 years. Currently, he works on crypto-economic design and simulation at BlockScience, and builds credit-scoring models for DeFi at Cred Protocol. Prior, he spent 4+ years building text recommendation, conversation summarization, and dialog segmentation systems for enterprise call centers at ASAPP (primarily supervised by Dr. Kilian Q. Weinberger).