My name is Will Wolf from Philadelphia, USA. I currently work as a Machine Learning Engineer at ASAPP, Inc., building artificial-intelligence products for enterprise. Previously, I completed an open-source "masters" in machine learning in Casablanca, Morocco, and worked as a Data Scientist at ShopKeep in New York City. I'm passionate about mathematics, cycling, language and travel.

I studied Industrial Engineering and Mathematics at Penn State University. There, I played ice hockey, enjoyed math classes more than most, and spent two years writing an Honors thesis on game theory and group dynamics with Dr. Eli Byrne. I graduated in December 2011.

As a teenager, I was what I call a semi-professional internet poker player: I deposited $50 onto Full Tilt Poker at age 15, and spent the following years building this sum into roughly $150,000. For me, poker was an academic and intellectually fascinating endeavor; more than anything, it was a job. I typically played 4-8 tables simultaneously. In addition to playing, I coached several players from around the world through virtual platforms.

After completing my studies, I began what became a 26.5-month solo backpacking and cycling trip around the world, visiting roughly 40 countries on 5 continents. I traveled overland from Sweden to Côte D’Ivoire, taught university Spanish and middle school Physics, in French, in Guinea-Conakry, and pedaled a bicycle 7,600 kilometers from Turkey to Kyrgyzstan through the Caucasus and Central Asian “Stans” to name a few of my proudest achievements.

Upon return, I quickly fell in love with data science and machine learning; I moved to NYC and purposed my time accordingly. Soon after, I began working at LiveAuctioneers - a company building an online platform through which online bidders can participate in live auctions - where I built an internally-facing machine learning service to categorize auction items. I then joined ShopKeep, where I worked on a wide variety of machine learning and data infrastructure problems to empower small businesses. Part-time, I mentor Data Science and Python for Thinkful, and recently finished some consulting work for Data-Pop Alliance.

As a technologist, I work frequently with the following tools: the Python scientific and inferential stack, R, Amazon Web Services, SQL, git, Flask, Docker and a heavy handful of machine learning and statistical techniques. I work periodically with many more: Scala, Apache Spark and React to name a few. I believe it crucial to be able to both build models and production-ize one's own solutions.

As a human, I carry a deep passion for cycling and language. I speak fluent Spanish and am boyishly passionate about all things Latin America. I speak ~fluent French from time spent in Morocco and West Africa. Cycling - in New York City or through Central Asian deserts alike - makes me smile from ear to ear.

Travel is a big part of who I am. I've been to over 60 countries and believe strongly in the concrete, extraordinary value of traveling abroad. In addition, I'm active in the global CouchSurfing community as a guest, host and event participant. My profile can be found here.

While I'm not sure where I plan to go with data science, I do not plan to stop. Ultimately, I'd like to improve lives, predict world events and inform human-scale problems that actually matter.

© Will Wolf 2017

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